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The Long and Confusing History of Psylocke of the X-Men

While re-reading some Marvel Wiki articles relative to some of the 80s-era X-men comics backstory that sets up or inspires portions of the recently released film, Logan, I cam across this website published originally circa 1997 (holy cow, that's 20 whole years ago!) that details this history of Psylocke - one of the not-as-well-known members of the X-men.  

It's a fascinating read just to see all of the convoluted twists and turns the character took through X-book history (and this covers only her history up through the 1990s).  

I can't think of any character who's story arc takes her from being the British kid-sister of one of the UK's most powerful heroes (on Marvel Earth 616 that is) to being a telepathic British secret agent, to being blind, to being a cyborg, to being a member of the X-men to becoming a Japanese ninja assassin for The Mandarin and then a core member of the iconic 90s X-men team roster (and that's right before things get really confusing for dead readers and true believers).