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In traditional sci-fi, there has always been a very distinct line drawn between two camps: Star Wars, and Star Trek.

I always saw the former as sci-fi light; the kind you enjoy when you want your swashbuckling fantasy served up with rockets and swords made of light. Unapologetically campy, Star Wars is for when you want to save the princess with a laser pistol. It caters to the little kid who wants to go out on a summer afternoon right now to make "pew pew" noises and whack at your friends with sticks. There's nothing wrong with that.

Star Trek, on the other hand, for all its faults, was the real thing. It was something you could aspire to. It was what you were going to grow up and be someday: an astronaut, a scientist, an explorer, who was going to go out and see things that no human had ever seen before. To find out where the edge was, and what lie beyond it. The stuff that dreams were made of.

Today we lost one of the greats, who set the bar for so many others to follow. Goodbye, Mr. Nimoy. As Simon Pegg said so simply and so well,

And in the man's own words:

I may not be

I may not be
I may not be the fastest
I may not be the tallest
Or the strongest

I may not be the best
Or the brightest
But one thing I can do better
Than anyone else...

That is
To be me

— Leonard Nimoy