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The Midnight Brew is a podcast hosted by Cailean Babcock out of Osaka, Japan, at the best virtual diner on the internet. Episodes feature interviews with inspiring individuals from around the world, as well as discussions about creativity, art, movies, current events and culture. Released every other Friday at midnight Japan Standard Time.

Episode 1: The Lost Pilot

The very first episode of the Midnight Brew features a conversation with Machiko Tabata. We talk about Indian actor Imran Khan's hilarious take on new, anti-gay legislation in India, as well as our double-feature movie experience with 47 Ronin and Rikyu ni tazune yo (English title, “Ask This of Rikyu”).

The Midnight Brew: "The Lost Pilot"

Episode 1 (June 7, 2014)

Show Notes for this Episode

For a taste of Machiko Tabata's music, check out her first single, "Drug", on

Youtube: "Imran Khan Answers Questions About Being Gay & Sec 377"

Check out the original video on YouTube.

47 Ronin

Click here to go to the official site or IMdB page

The actual historical account of the story can be found on Wikipedia.

"Rikyu ni tazune yo" (English title, "Ask This of Rikyu")

Visit the official site (Japanese only) or check it out on IMdB. For a more English-friendly summary of the movie you can find out more at Eigapedia.

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