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The Midnight Brew is a podcast hosted by Cailean Babcock out of Osaka, Japan, at the best virtual diner on the internet. Episodes feature interviews with inspiring individuals from around the world, as well as discussions about creativity, art, movies, current events and culture. Released every other Friday at midnight Japan Standard Time.

Episode 2: Graphic by Design

Today's interview features Canadian graphic designer Rocky Bergen. Rocky discusses his transition from a teacher in Japan to a designer in Winnepeg, Canada. He shares his artistic inspirations, his very first for-pay project (involving Smurfs and nudity), his forays into giclée prints, 3D printing and his involvement in the Fifth Element fan art book.

The Midnight Brew: "Graphic by Design

Episode 2 (October 11, 2014)

Show Notes for this Episode

Check out Rocky's latest project at the Fifth Element Fan Art Book on Tumblr.

Rocky's Artistic Inspirations:

Rocky's Recommended Illustrator Plug-in:

Rocky's Favorite Music Streaming Service:

Where to Find Rocky on the Internets:

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