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The Midnight Brew is a podcast hosted by Cailean Babcock out of Osaka, Japan, at the best virtual diner on the internet. Episodes feature interviews with inspiring individuals from around the world, as well as discussions about creativity, art, movies, current events and culture. Released every other Friday at midnight Japan Standard Time.

7. Gordon Cole Still Can't Hear You

The guys talk Super Bowl trailers, the Dune reboot, and Twin Peaks. They also have some travel advice for people heading to Japan.

News from Tomorrow: “Gordon Cole Still Can't Hear You"

Episode 7 (February 7, 2017)

Show Notes for this Episode

As Mentioned in the Show:

Super Bowl LI Trailers
  • Ghost in the Shell (Trailer | IMDB)
  • Stranger Things Season 2 (Trailer | IMDB | Music (courtesy of Survive))
  • Nintendo Switch (Trailer | Website)
In Other News
  • Dune Reboot (Article | Trailer (1984 version))
  • Twin Peaks (Interview | IMDB)
Japan: Traveling to and From
Sample Japanese you can show someone in case you're lost:

Help! I’m lost. Could you please give me directions or call me a taxi? Thanks!


My train station (私の駅):

My address (私の住所):