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10. Backdoor X-Men

We're back from summer! This week: new incarnations of Dune, John Carpenter's return to Halloween, and the twisted tale of the rise and fall of Star Trek's Kelvin timeline. Also, in the after show, we discuss Apricot, Bringer of Storms.

News from Tomorrow: "Backdoor X-Men"

Episode 10 (September 3, 2018)

Show Notes for this Episode

As Mentioned in the Show:

  • Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" series on YouTube
  • Aliens vs. Predator Vol. 1 on Amazon
  • Kin trailer on YouTube
  • Some news about the upcoming Dune RPG
  • John Carpenter’s new Halloween score - on vinyl
  • How James Cameron gave away Terminator for two decades for a dollar
  • The convoluted tale of how Star Trek's Kelvin timeline came to be, and how it might just as suddenly disappear.

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